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What is BRYT?

Business Research at York Toolkit (BRYT – pronounced bright) was born out of a need to teach students about the business research skills they need to complete course assignments at York University and excel in their business careers.

BRYT includes a series of short instructional videos and PDF guides that help students find resources to answer specific business research questions, while also demonstrating effective ways to search York’s library databases.

The tutorials are designed to help eliminate the barrier many students face when learning how to use a wide variety of research databases.

Why use BRYT?

Many students are not aware of all the relevant, quality business resources available to them through York University Libraries. BRYT will help save students time by showing them the most suitable resources for their business research tasks. The bite-sized learning resources in BRYT make it easy for instructors to pick

The design and content for BRYT is based on an extensive analysis, reflecting the needs of York’s business students and faculty. Focus groups with students from the School of Administrative Studies and the Schulich School of Business were held to uncover what students would like to see in BRYT. Usability testing was conducted to determine the best user-experience. Approximately 30 business faculty members were surveyed to determine the key information a business student would need to find to complete various business research assignments at York. In addition, an extensive curriculum mapping exercise was conducted to identify business courses that will benefit from BRYT.

BRYT’s Intended Audience

BRYT is useful for students that are new to business research, while also serving as a useful tool for students who need a refresher. Because of this, BRYT is designed to be used by both undergraduate and graduate business students.

Topics Covered By BRYT

The following topics will be covered by BRYT. Please note not all sections have been developed yet.

  • Company Research (available NOW)
  • Industry Research (available NOW)
  • Market Research (available NOW)
  • Finance Research (coming May 2018)
  • Accounting and Tax Research (coming May 2018)

Other topics may be added after May 2018 based on faculty and student feedback.

How can you use BRYT in your courses?

You can use BRYT in two ways:

  1. Send your students to the BRYT website!
  2. Embed selected videos or PDFs directly into your Moodle or CMD course page:

If you’re having trouble embedding BRYT materials:

Contact your faculty’s Learning Management System Admin, they’d be happy to help!

  • School of Administrative Studies & School of Human Resource Management Faculty email the eServices Office of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies.
  • Schulich School of Business Faculty email Elango Vanangamudi from Schulich’s Computing Services department.

Watch these how-to videos on using Moodle created by the eServices Office of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies.